Jesus and Jonah Dialogue


Jesus and Jonah Dialogue

2018 03 31 – Easter Vigil, SCM at Bloor Street United Church

1) Jesus and Jonah say hello
Jesus: Hey Jonah
Jonah: Hello? Who’s there?
Jesus: It’s me, Jonah. It’s Jesus.
Jonah: Jesus? What are you doing down here?
Jesus: I could ask you the same question.

2) Looking around – defining the space
Jonah: Where are we?
Jesus: We’re down below, Jonah. We’re submerged, buried. Continue reading


Precarious Work at the Cross – Good Friday Walk for Justice 2018


2018 03 30 – Precarious Work at the Cross

SCM/$15 and Fairness Station, Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice

Intro piece (what we are doing)

Peter: The belief that there is not enough for everyone, and that some people deserve less, is a real problem at the core of our economic and social structure.

This year the Ontario government raised the minimum wage in response to years of grassroots organizing, including the efforts of faith communities. Yet some business owners, including some Tim Hortons franchise owners, have chosen to prioritize their profits over the good of their workers.

Jen: Jesus showed us the way of love and compassion for all people, including the poor. But on Good Friday, many chose cruelty and self-interest instead of courage. They chose to look away instead of reaching out. Division and conflict, deceitfulness and greed, all these crucify Christ once more in the body of our neighbour. This present world-system is also full of division and greed, which can make all of us—whatever our position in society—feel vulnerable and afraid. Continue reading

Why did it have to be snakes?


2018 03 11 – TUMC Covenant Lent Series

Why did it have to be snakes?

Lectionary Texts: Numbers 21: 4-9 – Moses makes a copper-alloy snake.
John 3: 11-17 – Just as Moses lifted the snake, so must the Son of Man be lifted up.

PowerPoint: Name that Snake, Listen to the Sermon: here.

It’s time to play – Know Your Snakes! Identify these popular snake symbols from history!

Snakes together

(Answers below)

Continue reading

God is revealed! Now what?


2018 01 21 TUMC, Embracing Change, Epiphany preaching series

God is Revealed! Now what?

Lectionary Texts: Jonah 3: 1-5, 10 – Jonah speaks and Nineveh responds
Mark 1: 14-20 – Jesus calls his first disciples

Today’s scripture readings are full of surprises and unexpected outcomes. If they are not surprising it might be because they are also pretty well known stories. Fresh from his rescue from the belly of the whale, Jonah finally visits Nineveh, the enemy city. It’s just him against this enormous, powerful and legendarily evil city, and against all odds everyone in the city believes his message, repents of their evil, and seeks God’s forgiveness. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Continue reading

A Quieter World


No pain unanswered
No tear unheard
None who suffer alone
None dying, forgotten.

Injustice is the state
In which justice pends
And heaven and earth bends
To redress the slate.

Sickness is cured by laughter
Handholding, medicines, family,
Walking, talking, merrily
Every ill is a lesson thereafter.

In a quieter world we are deafened by
Joyful playing, birdsong, fire
The voice of God; Redeemer, Healer
Artist, Giver, Lover, Ruler, Friend;
Abiding. In a Quieter World.

2011/2/12 – written to express a realizable vision of heaven, of a ‘perfect’ world that does not suspend the rules of our real world, but perfects them.

15 & Fairness, a hymnble offering


15 & Fairness, a hymnble offering.
(To the tune of Immortal, Invisible)

Omniscient, impotent, us millennials
With glowing rectangles we scan news portals
In dismay and despair we spend all our days
Then suddenly incredulous that we got a raise!

The wage that is minimal soon shall be tweaked
To lofty fourteen bucks in only six weeks
While businessfolk tremble at salary hikes
We’ll spread avocado for Instagram likes.

Great day that is dawning, when all needs be met
By socialist robots and communist tech
We see it, we build it, we shall not demur
But ’til that day dawneth we’ll be on Tumblr.