Peace That Boggles Minds


I was recently talking to a friend about a sermon she was writing, helping to brainstorm titles, when I thought to ask “what does a title actually add to this?”

This sermon is intended to be read aloud; discussed, contemplated, prayed over, and then let go. Perhaps in the times past when preachers would have their sermons printed and sold, titling was a more significant act, on par with any other piece of writing.

A couple of months ago I joked on Facebook that my workshop title had been rejected: ‘Prepare for a World of Pain – Putting the Fist Back into Pacifist’. The response I got made me wonder if perhaps I ought to have submitted that title, instead of what I had actually proposed (and had accepted): ‘The Peace that Boggles Minds’, which was intended to refer anew to ‘the peace that passeth understanding’.

When it came to titling this blog, I already had ‘Faintly Saintly’ in mind, but had to find something different for the web address. I went with as a way of raising the spectre of that peace – a dream and an ambition but one that continues to confound us.

Part of what I seek to do in my work with Christian Peacemaker Teams, is understand that vision and my place within it. I intend to use this blog to make a record of the writing that I do, either for CPT, sermons for churches, other articles, or original pieces.

I hope this collection can be a resource to others seeking the peace that boggles minds…


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