About this blog…

I use this blog to keep a record of writing I have done, particularly sermons, workshops, Bible Studies and occasionally other pieces. You can expect to find a justice-focused, Christ-centred liberationist, queer-inclusive vibe, with occasional jokes.

I live in Toronto, on territory that has known many nations, including the Anishinabe, Wyandot, and Haudenosaunee. I was born in the United Kingdom, and came here as a member of CPT’s Indigenous Peoples Solidarity team in 2010. On January 4, 2016, I married Ken, my kindred spirit.

Communities I am part of:

Christian Peacemaker Teams – I work with the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity team. I joined the organisation in 2009, and have been powerfully shaped by inclusive, interfaith, justice-focused liberation theology.

The Student Christian Movement of Canada (SCM) – “poisoning the student mind since 1921” – a radical and historic movement of the social gospel, and part of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF).

Toronto United Mennonite Church (TUMC) – my Sunday church, where I am a member. I teach Junior Youth Sunday School, and I serve on the Preaching Team, so many of the sermons I put up here have been shaped in this community.

Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields – I occasionally attend services here, including special Christmas and Easter events, as well as ‘Bread and Honey’; a prayer-art-discussion-potluck service on Saturday nights, held in a local park in warm weather.

the Cahoots festival – an annual festival of faith, justice and DIY culture, since 2014. I am one of the organisers; after being invited by the Student Christian Movement.

Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice – a decades-old institution, inviting all on the ‘Crucial Journey’ to join our Holy Week with the ordinary oppressions and violence taking place around the world, and challenge us all to resist evil nonviolently. I have been part of the organising group for several years now.

Specific blogs I would follow if I took the time to do so:

Go in peace, not to pieces – my teammate Kathy, writing from Iraqi Kurdistan and Winnipeg

Persia37 – My teammate Chris, writing from her ‘exile within the Empire’

The Inner Sanctum – actually another blog by me! I started this for poetry, which I don’t write a lot of.


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