Christian Peacemaker Teams


What exactly is Christian Peacemaker Teams? It’s an experiment in nonviolent peacemaking with nearly 30 years history. It is an answer to the question ‘what if Christians dedicated themselves to seeking peace with as much commitment, sacrifice and passion as soldiers do to war?’

Along the way we’ve learned a lot, including the crucial lesson that ‘it looks very different to how we thought’. It means accepting and supporting the gifts and skills of people of other religions. It requires that we look seriously and critically at our own position as settlers, Christians, European-descendants, and other forms of identity that many of the original CPTers held.

ips new logo red square ipsp 2My part of the organisation is the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity project. We join the efforts to counter the violence of colonialism and imperialism, which attempts to erase the existence of Indigenous communities and extract the wealth of the land without consideration for the rights and wellbeing of the people of the land.


If you’re connecting to this blog, it probably means that you have an interest in peace, justice, and the Christian way, and perhaps a respect for the intersection of these ideals in the form of nonviolent direct action and embodied (incarnational) presence.

Please join CPT’s experiment.

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